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Blue Berries - The small, really big super food

This little berry is also known as the king of antioxidants.

They are considered a super food all over the world, due to the high levels of antioxidants they contain, which are essential to fight free radicals and a range of other ailments. Blue berries are also;

Low In Calories But High In Nutrients

Being a nutrient dense fruit, they provide more nutrients per calorie as compared to other common fruits and are also excellent sources of fibre, vitamin C & vitamin K.

Good For The Heart

The antioxidants in blue berries also prevent the good cholesterol present in the body, from turning into bad cholesterol, thus helping prevent heart problems. They are also known to help maintain blood pressure, which is another factor that affects the health of your heart.

Boosts Brain Health

Blueberries are considered to be beneficial in improving and enhancing the memory and recall capacity of the brain.

Reduce DNA Damage

Blueberries have been found to help reduce DNA damage, which is a leading cause of aging and cancer in our bodies.

With so many proven benefits, blue berries can actually help you lead a healthy lifestyle making it an essential ingredient in our granolas.

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