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Our Ingredients

Cranberries - Healthy, Tasty & Nutritious

Berries are a superfood everyone needs to stock up on. When it came to selecting the ones to go into my granola, cran...

Blue Berries - The small, really big super food

This little berry is also known as the king of antioxidants. They are considered a super food all over the world, due...

Honey - Liquid Gold

People through the ages have considered honey as the single most important natural source of all nutrients and someth...

Walnuts - The super nut the brain loves

Walnuts were the unanimous first choice, when we were considering the ingredients, we should use in our granolas. Thi...

Almonds - The King of Nuts

This tasty and crunchy nut, is also a power pack full of nutrition. The almonds I put in our granolas, have been sele...
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