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From My Kitchen To Your Table


A world, where a journey finally led me to my destination. What started off as a search to find preservative-free, nutritious and delicious snacks for my family, led me to conceive My Mom’s Granola. If I couldn’t find it, I would have to create it. 

The search for the perfect ingredients, took me far and wide, even to the foothills of the Himalayas.  After many trials and experimentation with the prototype, the final granola recipe was born. Originally meant as a breakfast topping for my family, I realized that they enjoyed it as much as a snack and a dessert. This meant, that it also took care of their sugar cravings. 

If family loved it, then friends endorsed it with equal pleasure and kept asking me to make small batches for them. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, I embarked upon this exciting adventure of My Mom’s Granola.  

It is currently available in 3 flavours Original, Vegan & Cacao Orange. I made the Vegan version of the granola using organic raw blue agave syrup for my friends and added a Cacao Orange flavour for those midnight chocolate cravings, without the guilt.

As you read this, I am researching and working on bringing to you other such nutritious offerings.

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