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Healthy habits for busy lives

We’ve all faced a situation, at least once in our lives when hunger strikes and we are not prepared for it, due to which we eat whatever’s in sight. Anything that is fast, easy to eat and unfortunately also unhealthy. No matter how much care we take, sometimes life happens and despite our best efforts to follow a healthy lifestyle, it is not always possible due to our busy work environment, erratic schedules and family and work pressures. Often one of the first casualties of our lifestyle is being able to follow a consistent healthy eating habit and health program that benefits our bodies.

There are however ways to ensure we are prepared for any last minute life events and put in our best efforts to regain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Set A Goal

Just as in our business or work environment, there is a need to set a definite goal that one aims to achieve. Whether you want to lose weight, feel more energized, or build healthier habits, it’s important to set your goals and then plan for them.

Have an idea of what you want to do and how you want to get there. Keep it simple and be realistic. Things like, I want to cook more at home this week, visit the gym twice every week or I want to eat more fruits and vegetables – are a great start.

The mind is a powerful thing and when we visualize our destination, it can make it much easier for us to get where we want to be.


Eat Without Any Distractions

That Facebook post or twitter update can definitely wait, till you have had your meal. And yes, you don’t need to Instagram every morsel or bite you eat, the world is better off without knowing it. So relax and enjoy, what you eat.

Eating while gazing at the computer or mobile screen, makes us ignore the fullness signals our stomach sends resulting in us often over or under eating, leading to untimely hunger pangs later and us binging on junk food.

What one needs to do is, put away the distractions, slow down and breathe between bites, no matter how stressful things can get at work or in life.


Eat Healthy While Eating Out

Eating out is an unavoidable part of our work or family lifestyle and is something we can enjoy healthily, with a bit of careful planning.

One of the ways we can start is by checking the menu (easily available online nowadays) beforehand, so that we have enough time to make a healthy choice. Eating a small healthy snack such as My Mom’s Granolas, which come in three flavours; Original, Vegan & Cacao Orange, beforehand can help you avoid over indulging on those oily cocktail snacks and still feeling full.

If you are not sure of the ingredients in a particular dish, you can always ask for more details about it and then make a proper informed choice or even suggest substitutions. It may not always be easy to get what we want, or avoid something so be prepared for it and learn to relax and not over react to the same.

Remember it’s more about the company you are dining with, than the actual meal so make sure you have a good time.

Tips For Eating Out:

  • Grilled/baked over fried
  • Side of fruit or salad over fries
  • Dressing/sauces on the side
  • Share your main dish – most restaurant’s serving sizes are good enough for 2-3 people
  • You don’t have to eat everything on your plate, take the extras home


Work / Life Balance

Everyone speaks about maintaining a work / life balance, but there is no exact formula for it. It has different meanings for everyone and you should maintain yours based on your priorities. Don’t simply follow somebody else’s plan, as it may not work for you. 

Practice, planning, and effort make all the difference in following a healthy lifestyle, especially if you’re busy. Success will not come through being perfect in everything you do or eat; it will come from putting your best efforts in what you do and enjoying it as well.



The contents of this article are provided for general educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or care. They are not intended to make any health or nutrition claims about our products. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before beginning any physical fitness or health and nutrition related activity.

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